About Soldiers of Odin Canada

At Fraser Valley Soldiers of Odin, we have some core values that we feel everyone should know about us. We are community organization and believe that the safety of citizens is our guiding priority. Zero tolerance for behavior that strays outside of our guidelines, which mandate cooperation with police and prohibit violence.

We accept members of different races, religions, backgrounds, and creeds. When members put on the S.O.O. Canada Odin’s Head, all personal beliefs are forgotten and we all stand together to promote a prosperous, and safe community for all Canadians.

Fraser Valley Soldiers of Odin are committed to the communities where we work and live. We partner with a number of related groups and causes in an effort to help build healthier communities and families.

Mission Statement

As members of the Soldiers of Odin Canada, we first and foremost are here to help any Canadian in need regardless of race, color or creed. The intent of our organization, is to be a volunteer based community support system, in which we strive to help our fellow citizens with things such as; clothing and food drives , community walks in high risk areas to help deter violent crime, helping displaced families get back on their feet , assisting women wanting to leave abusive relationships when they fear for their safety and many other areas.

To be a member of the Soldiers of Odin, we swear an oath to protect the innocent women, children and elderly within our communities. We are a non profit organization trying to give back to our local communities with charity, compassion and good will. We believe in our charter of rights and freedoms and for common decency and respect for human rights across the globe .

We stand united with our brothers and sisters across Canada for our one true and common goal, To keep our communities safe. If you see us, say " hi ". We are here for you. We are S.O.O. United we stand.


About Soldiers of Odin